Overwatch Uprising: All the Cosmetic Rewards!

Overwatch Uprising

On Tuesday April 11, Blizzard released a new event for their hit game, Overwatch. This event, Overwatch Uprising, tells the story of a young Tracer’s first mission. You get to play that mission, which is a four player co-op, multiple objective game. Another highlight to this event, is the release of several cosmetic items! This article is aimed at showing you the new cosmetic items that are exclusive to the Overwatch Uprising event.

Cosmetic Rewards

This new event contains new skins, highlight intros, voice lines and sprays for you to unlock. Most of those items, relate to Overwatch how it was several years prior to the game. As such, we get to see a younger version of the characters we know and love. If you’re interested in what new rewards you can unlock, check out the video below. In it, I highlight each new cosmetic piece for every character in Overwatch. There’s even a tally to help you keep track of how much new content there is!

In total, the Overwatch Uprising event brings us:

  • 8 Legendaries
  • 8 Epics
  • 6 Rares
  • 79 Commons

Of those numbers, they breakdown into the following types of items:

  • 10 Skins
  • 3 Emotes
  • 6 Victory Poses
  • 48 Voice Lines
  • 31 Sprays
  • 3 Highlight Intros

This is a lot of new content for one event! Most of the new skins are impressive, especially Torbjorn’s. As usual, Tracer is also shown love in the form of a new skin too. It’s no surprise anymore, as she is definitely Blizzard’s favorite character. Torbjorn also has a great new highlight intro, which shows the love he has for his creations.


Overall, this is a satisfying new event in terms of cosmetic releases. There is a whopping 101 new items to unlock, which I believe is their most yet for a release. Additionally, there is a fun new game mode to play in the arcade! Since this new game mode is cooperative, it makes reaching the 9 victories a week in arcade even easier. Giving us all a chance to get the maximum amount of loot boxes we can.

Do you have any favorite items? How do you like the Overwatch Uprising event? What item are you hoping to get most? Let me know all about it in the comment section below.

Until next time soldiers!

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