Fire Emblem Heroes Orb Spending Guide

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Fire Emblem Heroes Orb Spending Guide

Fire Emblem Heroes has been out for a few weeks now and the game is still going on strong. In order to keep interest high, Nintendo has been passing out orbs like crazy. This week alone has events and quests that allow you to collect at least 12 orbs! If you are just now downloading the game, you may find yourself with an overwhelming amount of orbs. Luckily for you, this Fire Emblem Heroes Orb Spending Guide is here to help. With this guide, you will be making smarter decisions in regards to spending your orbs.

What Should I Spend My First Orbs On?

This is a fairly large mobile game, and in the beginning you will rack up an orb stockpile quickly. Without a doubt, the first thing I recommend in the Fire Emblem Heroes Orb Spending Guide is spending your orbs on summoning new heroes.

Using 20 orbs to summon gets you the best benefit for your orb spending

In Fire Emblem Heroes, using 20 orbs to summon is usually the best bet.

Fire Emblem Heroes has an interesting summoning mechanic. In this game,  you have to pay an upfront cost of 5 orbs in order to summon a hero. Once you do, the game will summon 5 heroes out of their expansive hero pool. Now you can pick which one you want to unlock. Once you unlock one, you can continue to unlock an additional second, third and fourth hero for four orbs each. Finally, you can unlock the fifth and final hero from that pool using just 3 orbs. This is why saving up 20 orbs is usually the best option, because you get the most benefit out of the maximum summon.

The main reason for spending your first 20 orbs on summoning, is that each summon is guaranteed to be at least a 3-star hero. In the beginning of the game, your allies are all just 2 star rank. This is not powerful at all and you will find your heroes quickly becoming fodder for your enemies. If you want to keep up the pressure and give yourself an appropriate boost, get yourself a quick 3-star hero. Additionally, summoning heroes gives you a wider hero option. This makes it more likely that you will have a team to counter any enemy setup. The game also does not give you any healers easily, so you may be lucky enough to summon one!

After Summoning Heroes, What Should I spend My Orbs On Next?

After you use your first 20 orbs to summon heroes, the next thing I recommend in this Fire Emblem Heroes Orb Spending Guide is building all castle upgrades. Each time you upgrade your castle you increase the amount of experience points your units gain by 20 percent. This amount increases all the way up to a 100% EXP bonus. While some people feel the final 4th and 5th upgrades are not worth it, I truly believe that the exp gain outweighs the cost. A unit’s maximum level in Fire Emblem Heroes is 40, and it is quite the grind. Doubling exp gains will save you a lot of time in the future. Not only that but you will be spending orbs summoning new units constantly. These new units start at level 1, and leveling them up will be a breeze with castle upgrades.

You may not need the final upgrade immediately, but plan to get is sometime.

Be sure to spend some orbs upgrading your castle.

Having 100% bonus exp, in addition to the training tower makes leveling units a breeze. This allows you to keep up a steady stream of heroes that can meet any challenge the game throws at you. Even throughout the game, you’ll be upgrading heroes to higher star ranks as well. Whenever a unit ranks up, it drops back to level 1. In a game of battle grinding, having the bonus to exp gain will ultimately save you a lot of time and hassle. These bonuses are permanent, so you only need to unlock them once.

I Fully Upgraded My Castle,  What Next?

Now that you’ve got the extra bonus to exp gain, you need to fill out your hero roster. It’s pretty safe to say you can spend the rest of your orbs summoning heroes to your heart’s content. If you have a great set of heroes that you enjoy using and are not struggling in the game, I would start stockpiling orbs. You can save orbs you do not want to use on summoning just yet, in order to wait for Focus Summoning events that have heroes you want. These events increase the appearance rate of certain 5-star heroes. With these heroes, your enemies will be dust beneath your army. Right now there is not much else you can spend your orbs on, but who knows about the future. Having a stash hidden away may pay off when Nintendo releases a future update.

One final thing you can spend your orbs on is increasing your barrack size. This is almost never worth it in any way. You start off with a barrack size of 200, which is more than enough to hold you over. If you approach that limit, then do yourself a favor and merge some allies together. Those orbs are better spent either summoning or stashing.

I know when I first started playing, I was overwhelmed with the thought of spending in-game currency. Hopefully this guide helped you out and gave you an idea on how to spend your orbs. If you are looking for more hints, check out my Fire Emblem Heroes Beginner Tips guide. How do you spend your orbs? Do you summon heroes nonstop? Have you upgraded your castle to the maximum amount? Tell me all about your orb spending and the heroes you have summoned in the comments below.

Good luck on the battlefield!

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